About Us

Unlock Your Trades Business Potential with Rank Locals

At Rank Locals, we understand the challenges and frustrations of running a trades business first hand because we’ve been in your shoes. With 14 years of experience in the roofing industry and two businesses under our belt, we’ve encountered the highs and lows of entrepreneurship.

Our journey began as subcontractors to larger firms, but we soon realised the limitations of being tied to bigger businesses. Determined to break free from this cycle, we set out to generate our own leads. Like many others, we invested heavily in expert web designers and Google Ads professionals, only to be disappointed by the lack of quality leads we received. It was a hard lesson learned – we had been ripped off.


From Struggle to Success: How We Transformed Our Trades Business

But setbacks only fuelled our determination. Rather than giving up, we decided to take matters into our own hands. We embarked on a journey of self-education, diving into courses on website building and SEO. Armed with newfound knowledge and a burning desire to succeed, we built our own website from scratch. The results were staggering. 

With our revamped website, we started attracting 30-40 high-quality leads per month. The hard work had finally paid off, and we knew we were onto something special. As our roofing business flourished, we saw an opportunity to help others like us – tradespeople who were tired of being taken advantage of and wanted to build thriving businesses of their own. We expanded our skill set to include Google Ads, mastering the art of online advertising.


Passion for Success: Helping Tradespeople Thrive Beyond Ownership

Today, we’ve sold our roofing business, but our passion for helping tradespeople succeed burns stronger than ever. We’ve been entrusted with the task of continuing to optimise the website we built, ensuring that it continues to generate leads for the new owner.

At Rank Locals, we’ve found our purpose: empowering tradespeople to take control of their online presence and build thriving businesses without fear of being ripped off. We’re committed to providing honest, transparent services that deliver real results. Join us on this journey, and together, we’ll elevate your trades business to new heights.